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Salvia Divinorum in Maastricht


Love Credit – 20210425

Bought Salvia Divinorum in a smart shop called ‘Sirius’ in Maastricht. After short hesitation, I took the opportunity to smoke a bit in front of the shop on a bench. The taste was light, similar to a good cigarette. Before I knew it, the effect already kicked in. Just right after smoking. I got a Marijuana-alike feeling and a feeling of ‘Highness’. Then feelings . Noticeable was that I presensed as usual fitting sensings, but they kinda ‘got stuck’ during the thought process. It took much or 2-8x longer for one word to be thought. My view got somehow dizzy and blurred. Its like ‘there were still images that I perceived, but I made less sense of them’.

Then I arrived at the peek. I entered ‘IC’ – Inter Connection, which is a feeling of being presently connected to beings around you and allows you to hear their thoughts. They thought ‘Wow in this state its pretty hard to move somewhere’. My body merged with the bench I sat on. I was like ‘I am part of an object’. I noticed myself still holding on my bag, but I forgot that it was a bag. Somehow it felt oddly. But an important part of me kept me holding it. In a climax:

  1. Bag signals were noticed, but bag not perceived as bag, but rather as a feeling
  2. I tried to play with the feeling and move it somehow
  3. I wanted to put the feeling that I had from it into an object

I stood up and walked a bit to the left, integrating the peoples thoughts like they were mine and understanding ‘its hard to move like this’. Then I at least remembered that the feeling in my right hand was my bag.

An overwhelming hardness of the situation appeared. My fear of somehow loosing control in midst of people came. Of course, I tried to calm myself by simply letting our self go towards where it wants to be. And so my body started to move. Somehow strangely I felt less responsible for the movements. We walked to a park bench near a store, which seemed to sell ice cream. There the peek slowly finished, allowing me my normal self control.

Sauntering I went towards KaVi – my car. I gave us the option to go directly to the library where I planned to go after taking the substance, but a tremendous feeling of effort hit me, and thus I decided to walk further to my car, where I finally took a rest.


Oral – smoke: lightly, comparable to cigarettes

First Effects

  • Marijuana-alike
  • Feeling of ‘Highness’.


  • Inter Connection
  • Slow thought process
  • Merging with objects
  • Week interpretation of images

After Peek

  • Feelings of hardness
  • Grand unfulfilled desires of my self with pain as consequence
  • Great memory | memorizing ability



  • Salvia Divinorum



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